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1Click DVD Copy PRO

Buy 1Click DVD Copy PRO Now! 1Click DVD Copy PRO Download

1CLICK DVD COPY - PRO™ is a fast, easy-to-use, full featured software for copying DVD movies onto DVD discs. If your DVD movie is larger than 4.7 GB (which is usually the case with Hollywood movies), it can compress the contents so that they fit onto a blank DVD disc without any noticeable loss of quality. 1 Click DVD Copy PRO can automatically detect the compression ratio to fit a single layer DVD or if you set Dual Layer option, to fit a dual layer one. The software can also detect that your DVD movie can be copied without any compression and it will show you and adjust the presets accordingly.

And now in the PRO version, you have complete control over the final copy. Use the Copy Presets™ or the more advanced features to select what content will be copied and how much compression will be used. With 1CLICK DVD COPY PRO, you can make a perfect copy with just one click.  The included presets are:

  • Movie Only: This default preset will copy the widescreen (if available) movie and remove the extras.

  • Movie & Extras: This preset will copy the widescreen (if available) movie, extras and menus. It will remove redundant audio and redundant aspect ratios (ex. widescreen and full screen).

  • Episode DVD: Select this option if you are copying an "Episode" DVD. An episode DVD usually contains several episodes of a television series. Selecting the "Episode DVD" option will ensure that all the episodes are copied.

  • Full Disc: This option will copy everything in the VIDEO_TS folder (ie. no data files) from the original DVD and attempt to compress the video sufficiently to make the copy fit on a 4.7 GB disc. All audio, video and subtitles will be copied, including extras, menus and redundant audios and aspect ratios.

  • Exact Copy: Use this option to make an exact duplicate of the original DVD (ie. no compression). Unless your original DVD is less than 4.7 GB (rarely), you must use Dual Layer media.

  • Custom: Manually select titlesets, Menus, audio, video and subtitles.

New! With CPRx™ technology, we can ensure the highest level of success copying the latest generation of DVD movies.

CPRx is a unique and innovative solution to copy new DVD movies which contain bad sectors or bad DVD structure. Many popular DVD movies are now created in such a way as to make it difficult for backup software to copy them properly. This can result in errors during the copy process, or bad playback after the copy is completed.

A number of names have been given to these new techniques to inhibit archival backups, such as Sony Arccos, Macovision Rip Guard, Settec Alpha-DVD and Augs Puppet Lock. None of these schemes are true copy protections (only CSS and Macrovision are described as copy protections in the DVD specification), simply because the DVD player is totally unaware of their existence and as such, they are only annoyances to DVD copy applications. They are simply methods of adding bad sectors (analogous to scratches on a DVD) and bogus content to the DVD.

In order to copy a DVD which has been authored using these new schemes, 1CLICK DVD COPY now utilizes state of the art CPRx technology to ensure the highest level of success when making an archival backup.

1 Click DVD Copy Pro Benefits:

  • New! With CPRx™ technology for copying the newest DVD movies.

  • Copy Presets™ - One click preset for each type of DVD copy. The software controls the appropriate settings for you to make a perfect copy!

  • Preview the movie, extras and menus that you want to copy.

  • Choose to include or exclude movie and menus based on preview.

  • Select individual audio, video, and subtitles streams you want to copy.

  • Control the amount of video compression used for your movie backup.

  • Preserve both aspect ratios on movies with widescreen and full screen.

  • Make additional backup copies without re-copying the DVD.

  • Limited error correction for scratched DVDs.

  • Copy a DVD movie on one disc - no need to split.

  • Copy Episodic DVD Movies, TV Series, etc.

  • Copy a movie to your hard drive - great for laptops.

  • Supports copying of Multi-Channel Audio (Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS).

  • Free DVD/CD burning application included. (VSO Software CopyToDVD)

  • Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies. 

  • Supports Dual Layer media. Copy and burn dual layer DVD-9 DVDs directly to a blank dual layer DVD9.  

  • No warning messages or anti-piracy tracking codes added to your copyCopy to DVD 3 - Dual Layer DVD Burner, plus you can make a backup copy of your backup!

  • Free upgrades and responsive technical support.

If you are looking for more control over compression and advanced functionality, the PRO version is for you, if you can do without all the extra advanced features than let the original 1Click DVD Copy automatically set the appropriate compression settings for you so that you can fit a DVD movie onto one blank DVD!

Whatever you choose, 1 Click DVD Copy continues the excellent tradition of making flawless backups of all your DVD movies, quickly and easily!

Free Software Bonus: VSO's world famous CopyToDVD CD/DVD burning software burns data, video, or music on a CD/DVD. It also decodes MP3, MWA, Ogg Vorbis and WMA file formats. You can use CopyToDVD for backing up data onto a CD or DVD or for making music CDs.  ($29.00 retail value)


Comparison between 1 Click DVD Copy and 1 Click DVD Copy PRO:

Product Features

1Click DVD Copy PRO

DVD Copy

Make a high quality copy of just the movie or include the extras.



Copies Episodic DVD Movies; TV Series, etc. 



Limited error correction for scratched DVDs



Copy a DVD movie on one disc - no need to split.



Copy extras, menus, subtitles and audio languages



Copy 'Movie Only' and preserve menus and chapters



Copy a movie to your hard disk. (Great for on a laptop)



Free updates and technical support



Supports Dual Layer media.



Free DVD/CD burning application included.



Copy Presets™ - One click preset for each type of DVD copy.


Preview the movie, extras and menus.



Choose which extras to include or exclude based on preview.



Select one or more audio tracks including Dolby Digital AC3 and DTS.



Select one or more subtitle language tracks.



Preserve both aspect ratios on movies with widescreen and full screen.



Control the amount of video compression used.







Try before your buy! Please download a trial copy and give this software a test drive.


1Click DVD Copy PRO Download Buy 1Click DVD Copy PRO Now!

Buy 1Click DVD Copy Pro Today - US$79.00

Important Note: This DVD copy software title does not copy CSS-encrypted DVDs. A DVD ripper allows your computer to read CSS-encrypted data on a DVD movie before or during the process of making a backup copy. Due to US laws, most DVD backup software developed in the US does not contain a “ripper” component. However, if you live in a country where your laws allow you to use DVD ripper software, you can utilize  third-party DVD ripper/CSS decrypter software such as DVD43 or AnyDVD in conjunction with this DVD copy software title.


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