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Acoustica MP3 CD Burner FAQ

Do I need a special CD Recorder to burn audio CDs with your software?

Yes, you need a CDRW drive or CD recorder before you can use our software. (It needs a special laser found in the CD recorder drives.) Also, see our list of supported cd-recorders.

It crashes at the end of the installation or when I try and run MP3 CD Burner!  What can I do?

There is a rare problem with version 1.48 which causes a crash on some machines.  Try downloading the latest version.

Otherwise, the ASPI layer on your system may not be functioning properly. Uninstall all versions of MP3 CD Burner and restart your computer. We recommend trying the new ASPI 4.7 drivers which work on all systems, including Win2000 & WinXP!

1. Go to Adaptec's page @ http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/support/drivers_by_product.html?cat=/Product/ASPI-4.70

2. Download and install aspi_v470.exe.  

3. It will extract a file called "ASPIINST.EXE" into a temporary folder.  Find and double click "ASPIINST.EXE" to install the 4.70 drivers.

4. Restart your computer

5. Reinstall MP3 CD Burner: On the 3rd screen of the installer, make sure that the "ASPI Drivers option" is unchecked!  (Do not install the optional ASPI drivers in this case.)

6. Re-run MP3 CD Burner to see if it recognizes the recorder.

If that doesn't help, see the ASPI troubleshooting page. 

MP3 CD Burner does not recognize my CD Recorder! 

There could be several things going on here.  First, your CD Recorder may not be supported by our software.  Check the supported recorders list.  Second, the ASPI layer on your system may not be functioning properly for MP3 CD Burner to recognize it.  Check your systems ASPI layer.  Third, if you are running WinNT or Win2000, make sure to logged in as an Administrator!

Burning a CD does not finish.  What can I do?

One of the most common problems is that the computer can't keep up with the CD recorder.  The CD-recorder needs a constant stream of data from the computer.  If it is interrupted too long, the burn will fail!  Try lowering your recording speed .  Make sure to not use any other programs at the same time.  Disable your task tray/virus programs!  De-fragment your hard drive.  Always do a test!  You may need to disable Auto Insert Notification (AIN) More help with CD burning failures...

Recorded CD does not play reliably or at all in a normal CD player! 

Make sure you are using a blank CD-R disc.  (It is a common mistake to use a blank CD-RW disc.) More help with CD playback problems...

How many songs can I put on an audio CD?

You are limited to 74 minutes of audio per recorded audio CD.  If you have an 80 minute blank CD-R, you can record up to 80 minutes if your CD recorder drive supports it. 

To burn an 80 minute CD with MP3 CD Burner, make sure that your CD-recorder supports 80 minute audio CDs.  Not all CD-recorders support 80 minute CDRs!  If you are not sure, consult your CD Recorder’s documentation or visit the manufacturer’s website for help. Select “Destination CD Format & Length” from the “CD Session” menu. Click on the  “80 minute audio CD” option. IMPORTANT: You must put an 80 minute CDR in the drive.  Some CD Recorders only record up to 78 minutes 30 seconds.  When you find out how much audio your recorder supports, make sure to not go over the limit or your burn may fail and you may end up with an unusable CD.

How do I remove 'cdburner.com' from the CD-TEXT title of a burnt disc?

It can't be removed from a previously burnt disc.  But here's how you can set the title.  The title is derived from what you save your MP3 CD Burner session as.  So before you burn, save the CD session by selecting "Save" from the "File" menu.  If you save it as "my tunes.cbs" it will then use "my tunes" as the title of your CD.   (If the session is not saved, it sets the title to 'www.cdburner.com' .  This will be changed in a future version. )

My mix CD does not fade between tracks!

If you've created a mix CD where the tracks fade into each other but its not playing correctly, make sure you don't have the shuffle feature turned on on your audio CD player!

How do I get songs from my existing audio cds?

This feature will be in the upcoming version 2.0.  For now, you can find 'ripping' software here.

I keep getting "Cuesheet was rejected by the CDROM recorder". What do I do?

I keep getting the following error: "Exception: 'START DAO RECORDING' command failed on device 0:1:0 Cuesheet was rejected by the CDROM recorder [subcode=-312]" . What do I do?  This may be because you are burning too much audio to the CD.  This would cause the "Cuesheet" to be rejected and causing the burn to fail.  The reason why you cannot burn the full amount is because along with burning the actual songs to a CD, the "Table of Contents" (which allows stereos to read the CD)  and "CD Text" (if selected) has to be burnt as well.  These things take up space so we recommend to leave at least 30 seconds but to be on the safe side at least 1 minute of free space for these things to be burnt onto a CD.  So in short, don't aim for 74 minutes (or 80 minutes), aim for 1 minute less!!

I keep getting "Read/Write error or bad medium detected".  What do I do?

I keep getting the following error: "Exception: 'WRITE' command failed on device 1:1:0 Read/Write error or bad medium detected (04h 00h 02h 03h 73h 02h) [subcode=-40]". What do I do?

First try to disable Auto Insert Notification.  If that still does not work, you should try a different brand of CDs.  Some media simply doesn't work well with certain CD Recorders.  Also, "no-name" brands are not made at the same quality level as "name" brands such as "Memorex", "Sony", or "Maxell".  Not all CD-R discs are made equally and sometimes even name brand discs do not work with a specific CD Recorder.

In addition you can try doing the following:

  1. Disable anything that may cause this such as software firewalls, screen savers, or anti-virus scanners.

  2. Try lowering the burn speed to 1x to see if that helps.

  3. Change brands of CD-R discs.

When I search for songs it always comes up with no matches.  Is there anything that can be done?

It seems as though you are misunderstanding the "Search" feature of the software.  It does not search the internet for music, it *only* searches your computer's hard drive(s). The main reason being the copyright issues of downloading music.

Out of hard disk space? Here's how to free up space.

Start "Disk Cleanup" by clicking Start, pointing to Programs, pointing to Accessories, pointing to System Tools, and then clicking Disk Cleanup.  If you don't have "Disk Cleanup", you may need to add it via the Add/Remove Control panel in your "Settings".  

You may also need to manually drag some files to the "Recycle Bin".  Don't forget to right click on the Recycle Bin and select "Empty Recycle Bin" 

Finally, you may be able to uninstall programs you don't use often, especially games, which are notorious for taking up a lot of space.

My burner is on the Supported Recorder list, but it still isn't recognized!  I'm running Windows XP, what can I do?

First try to install "ASPI" drivers within Acoustica MP3 CD Burner by clicking "File" > "Preferences" and make sure "Acoustica ASPI" has a check mark beside it.  If that does not work, try getting the latest updates for Windows XP as it may add support for your burner.  Other customers in the past have done so and it has fixed the issue!

Please go to:  http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com and get the latest updates from Microsoft to see if that helps!


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